24 years of geo-referenced wildfire records LicenseCC0: Public Domain Tagsbusiness Context: This data publication contains a spatial database of wildfires […]

Historical record of sales data in 3 different supermarkets LicenseOther (specified in description) Tagsbusiness, economics, data visualization Context The growth of supermarkets […]

20,000+ Lichess Games, including moves, victor, rating, opening details and more LicenseCC0: Public Domain Tagsinternet, games, video games, board games General Info This […]

Collection of SMS messages tagged as spam or legitimate Tagsemail and messaging, linguistics, languages

Recommendation data from 76,000 users at myanimelist.net LicenseCC0: Public Domain Tagsmovies and tv shows, anime and manga, comics and animation, popular culture Context […]

Includes a large number of people’s MBTI type and content written by them LicenseCC0: Public Domain Tagscomputer science, internet, psychology, linguistics, demographics Context The […]