Anime Recommendations Database

  • by user1
  • 17 February, 2022

Recommendation data from 76,000 users at

LicenseCC0: Public Domain

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This data set contains information on user preference data from 73,516 users on 12,294 anime. Each user is able to add anime to their completed list and give it a rating and this data set is a compilation of those ratings.



  • anime_id –’s unique id identifying an anime.
  • name – full name of anime.
  • genre – comma separated list of genres for this anime.
  • type – movie, TV, OVA, etc.
  • episodes – how many episodes in this show. (1 if movie).
  • rating – average rating out of 10 for this anime.
  • members – number of community members that are in this anime’s


  • user_id – non identifiable randomly generated user id.
  • anime_id – the anime that this user has rated.
  • rating – rating out of 10 this user has assigned (-1 if the user watched it but didn’t assign a rating).


Thanks to API for providing anime data and user ratings.


Building a better anime recommendation system based only on user viewing history.

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