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Classify handwritten characters in ancient Japanese manuscripts LicenseCC BY-SA 4.0 Tagscomputer science, image data, classification, literature, multiclass classificationand 2 more Background Recorded historical documents give us […]

Dataset of diseased plant leaf images and corresponding labels LicenseCC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Tagsbusiness, earth and nature, biology, diseases, plants Human society needs to increase […]

26 million turns from natural two-person dialogues LicenseOther (specified in description) Tagsonline communities, linguistics, languages Context: Building dialogue systems, where a human […]

Tagshealth, healthcare RSNA MICCAI PNG Transformed DICOM to PNG images This dataset contains the “DICOM data” of the RSNA-MICCAI Brain Tumor Radiogenomic […]

COVID-19 image data collection LicenseCC0: Public Domain Tagscomputer science, health COVID-19 X-ray images About This dataset is a database of COVID-19 […]