Different techniques for preprocessing LicenseOther (specified in description) Tagsimage data, classification, deep learning, cnn, multiclass classification 📰 Related Papers Sichkar V. N. Real time detection […]

More than 44 minutes of annotated traffic light data LicenseCC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Tagsarts and entertainment, computer science, classification, computer vision, multiclass classification Context When […]

Age and Gender Data Cleaned CSV LicenseData files © Original Authors Tagsonline communities, image data, social networks, computer vision, deep learningand 2 more I was working […]

Pre-trained EfficientNet models (B0-B7) for PyTorch Tagscomputer science, classification, deep learning, cnn, multiclass classification Recently new ConvNets architectures have been proposed in “EfficientNet: Rethinking Model […]

Mckinsey666 dataset scraped from www.getchu.com LicenseDatabase: Open Database, Contents: Database Contents Tagsarts and entertainment, earth and nature, computer science, deep learning, anime and mangaand 1 more […]

Tree types found in the Roosevelt National Forest in Colorado Tagsearth and nature, plants, forestry Context This dataset contains tree observations from […]