Tagscelebrities Context This is Kaggle’s Facial Keypoint Detection dataset that is uploaded in order to allow kernels to work on it, as […]

Improve work safety by detecting the presence of people and safety helmets. LicenseCC0: Public Domain Tagshealth, image data, public safety, employment, human rights Abstract […]

12K Images divided in training testing and validation directories. LicenseCC0: Public Domain Tagsearth and nature Context This dataset is used […]

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Containing labelled fruit images to train object detection systems. LicenseCC0: Public Domain Tagsarts and entertainment, food, image data, computer vision Project This dataset […]

Discriminate Real and Fake Face Images Tagsarts and entertainment, computer science, online communities, image data, universities and collegesand 1 more Real and Fake Face Detection Computational […]