Supermarket sales

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  • 17 February, 2022

Historical record of sales data in 3 different supermarkets

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The growth of supermarkets in most populated cities are increasing and market competitions are also high. The dataset is one of the historical sales of supermarket company which has recorded in 3 different branches for 3 months data. Predictive data analytics methods are easy to apply with this dataset.

Attribute information

Invoice id: Computer generated sales slip invoice identification number

Branch: Branch of supercenter (3 branches are available identified by A, B and C).

City: Location of supercenters

Customer type: Type of customers, recorded by Members for customers using member card and Normal for without member card.

Gender: Gender type of customer

Product line: General item categorization groups – Electronic accessories, Fashion accessories, Food and beverages, Health and beauty, Home and lifestyle, Sports and travel

Unit price: Price of each product in $

Quantity: Number of products purchased by customer

Tax: 5% tax fee for customer buying

Total: Total price including tax

Date: Date of purchase (Record available from January 2019 to March 2019)

Time: Purchase time (10am to 9pm)

Payment: Payment used by customer for purchase (3 methods are available – Cash, Credit card and Ewallet)

COGS: Cost of goods sold

Gross margin percentage: Gross margin percentage

Gross income: Gross income

Rating: Customer stratification rating on their overall shopping experience (On a scale of 1 to 10)


Thanks to all who take time and energy to perform Kernels with this dataset and reviewers.


This dataset can be used for predictive data analytics purpose.

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