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  • 04 March, 2022

The top 100 products in each subreddit from 2015 to 2017

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This is a data dump of the top 100 products (ordered by number of mentions) from every subreddit that has posted an amazon product. The data was extracted from Google Bigquery’s Reddit Comment database. It only extracts Amazon links, so it is certainly a subset of all products posted to Reddit.

The data is organized in a file structure that follows:

reddits/<first lowercase letter of subreddit>/<subreddit>.csv

An example of where to find the top products for /r/Watches would be:



Below are the column definitions found in each <subreddit>.csv file.

The name of the product as found on Amazon.

The category of the product as found on Amazon.

The link to the product on Amazon.

The total number of times that product was found on Reddit.

The total number of times that product was found on that subreddit.

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This dataset was published by Ben Rudolph on GitHub, and was republished as-is on Kaggle.

Size: 16381 KB Price: Free Author: Aleksey Bilogur Data source: