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  • 05 March, 2022

Basic NFL statistics, career statistics, and game logs

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Here are the basic statistics, career statistics and game logs provided by the NFL on their website ( for all players past and present.


The data was scraped using a Python code. The code can be located at Github:

Explanation of Data

  1. The first main group of statistics is the basic statistics provided for each player. This data is stored in the CSV file titled Basic_Stats.csv along with the player’s name and URL identifier. If available the data pulled for each player is as follows:
    1. Number
    2. Position
    3. Current Team
    4. Height
    5. Weight
    6. Age
    7. Birthday
    8. Birth Place
    9. College Attended
    10. High School Attended
    11. High School Location
    12. Experience
  2. The second main group of statistics gathered for each player are their career statistics. While each player has a main position they play, they will have statistics in other areas; therefore, the career statistics are divided into statistics types. The statistics are then stored in CSV files based on statistic type along with the player name, URL identifier and position (if available). The following are the career statistics types and accompanying CSV file names:
    1. Defensive Statistics – CareerStatsDefensive.csv
    2. Field Goal Kickers – CareerStatsFieldGoalKickers.csv
    3. Fumbles – CareerStatsFumbles.csv
    4. Kick Return – CareerStatsKick_Return.csv
    5. Kickoff – CareerStatsKickoff.csv
    6. Offensive Line – CareerStatsOffensive_Line.csv
    7. Passing – CareerStatsPassing.csv
    8. Punt Return – CareerStatsPunt_Return.csv
    9. Punting – CareerStatsPunting.csv
    10. Receiving – CareerStatsReceiving.csv
    11. Rushing – CareerStatsRushing.csv
  3. The final group of statistics is the game logs for each player. The game logs are stored by position and have the player name, URL identifier and position (if available). The following are the game log types and accompanying CSV file names:
    1. Quarterback – GameLogsQuarterback.csv
    2. Running back – GameLogsRunningback.csv
    3. Wide Receiver and Tight End – GameLogsWideReceiverandTightEnd.csv
    4. Offensive Line – GameLogsOffensive_Line.csv
    5. Defensive Lineman – GameLogsDefensive_Lineman.csv
    6. Kickers – GameLogsKickers.csv
    7. Punters – GameLogsPunters.csv


While most of the abbreviations used by the NFL have been translated in the table headers in the data files, there are still a couple of abbreviations used.

  • FG: Field Goal
  • TD: Touchdown
  • Int: Interception

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