(LoL) League of Legends Ranked Games

  • by user1
  • 05 March, 2022

Details from over 50,000 ranked games of LoL

LicenseCC0: Public Domain

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General Info

This is a collection of over 50,000 ranked EUW games from the game League of Legends, as well as json files containing a way to convert between champion and summoner spell IDs and their names. For each game, there are fields for:

  • Game ID
  • Creation Time (in Epoch format)
  • Game Duration (in seconds)
  • Season ID
  • Winner (1 = team1, 2 = team2)
  • First Baron, dragon, tower, blood, inhibitor and Rift Herald (1 = team1, 2 = team2, 0 = none)
  • Champions and summoner spells for each team (Stored as Riot’s champion and summoner spell IDs)
  • The number of tower, inhibitor, Baron, dragon and Rift Herald kills each team has
  • The 5 bans of each team (Again, champion IDs are used)

This dataset was collected using the Riot Games API, which makes it easy to lookup and collect information on a users ranked history and collect their games. However finding a list of usernames is the hard part, in this case I am using a list of usernames scraped from 3rd party LoL sites.

Possible Uses

There is a vast amount of data in just a single LoL game. This dataset takes the most relevant information and makes it available easily for use in things such as attempting to predict the outcome of a LoL game, analysing which in-game events are most likely to lead to victory, understanding how big of an effect bans of a specific champion have, and more.

Size: 3063 KB Price: Free Author: Mitchell J Data source: kaggle.com