Financial Tweets

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  • 04 March, 2022

Tweets from verified users concerning stocks traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ, & SNP

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I have been interested in using public sentiment and journalism to gather sentiment profiles on publicly traded companies. I first developed a Python package ( that scrapes the web for articles written about companies, and then noticed the abundance of overlap with Twitter. I then developed a NodeJS project that I have been running on my RaspberryPi to monitor Twitter for all tweets coming from those mentioned in the content section. If one of them tweeted about a company in the stocks_cleaned.csv file, then it would write the tweet to the database. Currently, the file is only from earlier today, but after about a month or two, I plan to update the tweets.csv file (hopefully closer to 50,000 entries.

I am not quite sure how this dataset will be relevant, but I hope to use these tweets and try to generate some sense of public sentiment score.


This dataset has all the publicly traded companies (tickers and company names) that were used as input to fill the tweets.csv. The influencers whose tweets were monitored were:
[‘MarketWatch’, ‘business’, ‘YahooFinance’, ‘TechCrunch’, ‘WSJ’, ‘Forbes’, ‘FT’, ‘TheEconomist’, ‘nytimes’, ‘Reuters’, ‘GerberKawasaki’, ‘jimcramer’, ‘TheStreet’, ‘TheStalwart’, ‘TruthGundlach’, ‘CarlCIcahn’, ‘ReformedBroker’, ‘benbernanke’, ‘bespokeinvest’, ‘BespokeCrypto’, ‘stlouisfed’, ‘federalreserve’, ‘GoldmanSachs’, ‘ianbremmer’, ‘MorganStanley’, ‘AswathDamodaran’, ‘mcuban’, ‘muddywatersre’, ‘StockTwits’, ‘SeanaNSmith’


The data used here is gathered from a project I developed :


I hope to develop a financial sentiment text classifier that would be able to track Twitter’s (and the entire public’s) feelings about any publicly traded company (and cryptocurrency).

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