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COVID-19 All Vaccines Tweets

Tweets about all COVID-19 Vaccines

LicenseCC0: Public Domain

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I collect recent tweets about the COVID-19 vaccines used in entire world on large scale, as following:

Data collection

The data is collected using tweepy Python package to access Twitter API. For each of the vaccine I use relevant search term (most frequently used in Twitter to refer to the respective vaccine)

Data collection frequency

Initial data was merged from tweets about Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. I added then tweets from Sinopharm, Sinovac (both Chinese-produced vaccines), Moderna, Oxford/Astra-Zeneca, Covaxin and Sputnik V vaccines. The collection was in the first days twice a day, until I identified approximatively the new tweets quota and then collection (for all vaccines) stabilized at once a day, during morning hours (GMT).


You can perform multiple operations on the vaccines tweets. Here are few possible suggestions:

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