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arXiv Dataset

arXiv dataset and metadata of 1.7M+ scholarly papers across STEM

LicenseCC0: Public Domain

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About ArXiv

For nearly 30 years, ArXiv has served the public and research communities by providing open access to scholarly articles, from the vast branches of physics to the many subdisciplines of computer science to everything in between, including math, statistics, electrical engineering, quantitative biology, and economics. This rich corpus of information offers significant, but sometimes overwhelming depth.

In these times of unique global challenges, efficient extraction of insights from data is essential. To help make the arXiv more accessible, we present a free, open pipeline on Kaggle to the machine-readable arXiv dataset: a repository of 1.7 million articles, with relevant features such as article titles, authors, categories, abstracts, full text PDFs, and more.

Our hope is to empower new use cases that can lead to the exploration of richer machine learning techniques that combine multi-modal features towards applications like trend analysis, paper recommender engines, category prediction, co-citation networks, knowledge graph construction and semantic search interfaces.

The dataset is freely available via Google Cloud Storage buckets (more info here). Stay tuned for weekly updates to the dataset!

ArXiv is a collaboratively funded, community-supported resource founded by Paul Ginsparg in 1991 and maintained and operated by Cornell University.

The release of this dataset was featured further in a Kaggle blog post here.

See here for more information.

ArXiv On Kaggle


This dataset is a mirror of the original ArXiv data. Because the full dataset is rather large (1.1TB and growing), this dataset provides only a metadata file in the json format. This file contains an entry for each paper, containing:

You can access each paper directly on ArXiv using these links:

Bulk access

The full set of PDFs is available for free in the GCS bucket gs://arxiv-dataset or through Google API (json documentation and xml documentation).

You can use for example gsutil to download the data to your local machine.

# List files:
gsutil cp gs://arxiv-dataset/arxiv/

# Download pdfs from March 2020:
gsutil cp gs://arxiv-dataset/arxiv/arxiv/pdf/2003/ ./a_local_directory/

# Download all the source files
gsutil cp -r gs://arxiv-dataset/arxiv/  ./a_local_directory/

Update Frequency

We’re automatically updating the metadata as well as the GCS bucket on a weekly basis.


Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication applies to the metadata in this dataset. See for further details and licensing on individual papers.


The original data is maintained by ArXiv, huge thanks to the team for building and maintaining this dataset.

We’re using to pull the original data, thanks to Matt Bierbaum for providing this tool.

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