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Data labeling service

Data Labeling Services enables you to request human labeling for a collection of data that you plan to use to train a custom machine learning model. Prices for the service are computed based on:

Labeling costs

The table below provides the price per 1,000 units per human labeler, based on the unit listed for each objective. Tier 1 pricing applies to the first 50,000 units per month in each Google Cloud project; Tier 2 pricing applies to the next 950,000 units per month in the project, up to 1,000,000 units. Contact us for pricing above 1,000,000 units per month.

Data typeObjectiveUnitTier 1Tier 2
Bounding boxBounding box$50$39
Rotated boxBounding box$68$48
VideoClassification5sec video$68$48
Object trackingBounding box$68$48

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